My Favorite Kitchen Tool…

After much soul-searching, I have decided on my favorite kitchen tool of all time.  It was a hard decision. There are so many invaluable tools.  A garlic mincer – I use it for almost every dish.  There is no substitute for fresh garlic.  A sturdy balloon whisk – This is great for all applications: sauces, eggs, dressings.  A sharp knife that never lets you down – no doubt this is a close second.  A sharp, thin bladed knife that will allow you to chop, dice and slice is a multitasking must.

food processor prep

But – the winner is… the food processor.  I leave mine out at all times. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, but it makes a big difference.  Everything becomes easier with a processor around.  It chops, purees, blends, and shreds.  You can use it to pull together a pie crust or to blend a dressing.  I love my dual-purpose KitchenAid machine which has an interchangeable bowl to become a blender in no time flat.  If you have the chance to invest in one kitchen utensil/appliance, I would make it a food processor!

food processor finished


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