Adventures in Catering…or The Things We Do in Heels

Catering is such an interesting adventure.  It is a messy process.  Think about it…food for hundreds of people, all needing to be prepped and cooked and packaged and delivered within a small window of time.

At The Olive Branch, we have thrown more than our fair share of food all over the floor, walls and each other in an activity we call “hurry up.”  We stand on our feet for hours, then we load and unload hundreds of pounds of food and equipment in the sun, rain and snow, (yeah, yeah and we walk uphill to work both ways, too–I know. Pathetic.) All in an effort to make someone’s special event seem effortless and flawless.  This, however, tends to leave us looking a little bedraggled!  And, let’s face it, no one wants to have their food served to them by a caterer who looks like they have been working hard!

So, I have a policy for my catered events that states that my employees will dress to the occasion.  Well, most of my employees are women and most of my caterings are dressy affairs! Hilariously, we end up doing things in heels that most women would cringe at! We load trucks with food, wash dishes, serve sloppy pasta and clean it all up at the end!

catering in heels

More often than not, this includes a trek through a dark, gravel parking lot with wimpy trash bags that take two of us to lift!  Can anyone say trash juice?!  And have I mentioned how impossible it is to find a little black dress that is machine washable and can withstand hot coffee grounds?  P.S.–Why is it always the coffee grounds?  Is it because they are sure to be the trash that dribbles all the way down leaving a trail of wet destruction from the top of your head to the hem of your skirt?!  Seriously people, drink tea!

trash duty


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