A Weekend Wedding

wedding cake

It was a busy weekend!  I had the privilege of catering the wedding of some good friends, who are also good customers!  It was so much fun.  Getting to help with special events like those makes the hard work fun.  It is always such a compliment when The Olive Branch is chosen to participate on any level for such a significant event in peoples’ lives.  Kyle and Charis, thanks so much for putting your faith in me and in the restaurant to help pull off your wedding reception.  I was honored to be a part of it.  I hope you don’t mind that I am sharing a few of the pictures that I took from your wedding reception!

Kyle, making your cake was so much fun.  Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and loves any kind of adventure.  His fiancée, Charis, asked if I could make a mountain cake for his groom’s cake.  I happily said sure, not really knowing what it would turn out like!  The little climbers they gave me to add to the mountain top were the finishing touch!

grooms cake

And Charis gave me free reign on the design of the wedding cake.  She told me that she would have flowers waiting for me to add upon delivery and set-up.  And what flowers they were–her colors were green with deep purple accents (can anyone say Olive Branch?!) and the flowers were callas and hydrangeas.  She could not have chosen more beautifully elegant flowers.  I was in heaven getting to play with those and design the cake arrangement.  She couldn’t have made it any easier on me!  All said and done, they picked the one day of the week it chose not to rain and the wedding turned out beautifully.  Congratulations, Kyle and Charis.  And, thanks again for including me and The Olive Branch.  You two are really special to me and I look forward to continuing to share in your adventures.


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