Candy Apples


Cooler weather always makes me feel like creating new treats.  Wait – everything makes me feel like creating new treats.  Maybe I should say that cooler weather makes me feel like creating “fall” treats.  The most recent undertaking was caramel apples, but not just any caramel apples; the caramel apples that look like they should get their own zip code.  The caramel apples where the apple is actually an afterthought, merely a means to getting more candy stuck on!  Anyway – here are some tips for creating yummy candy coated apple treats…


  1. Choose large, firm apples that don’t have any soft spots or bruises.
  2. I use the caramel that has already been unwrapped and comes with sticks in the bag.  But, you can use any caramel or popsicle sticks that you want to.   For the final candy coating, choose small candies: mini m&ms, crushed up Oreos, finely chopped nuts, colored sprinkles
  3. Use your favorite almond bark (chocolate and vanilla flavored) for the coating.
  4. Be sure your apples are washed and completely dry.  Push the sticks as far down into the center of the apple as possible.  Place the apples in the freezer to chill.  (about 25 minutes, this will help the caramel stick)
  5. Melt the caramel according to the instructions on the bag.  Pull the caramel off of the heat and let it cool down some, stirring often.  You want the caramel to thicken back up so it doesn’t run off the apple.
  6. Spray a piece of foil or wax paper with cooking spray.
  7. Swirl the apple in the caramel, coating it well.  Pull the apple out and turn it over, letting the caramel that is running off re-stick to itself.  Put the apples onto the sprayed foil and pop them back into the freezer.
  8. After 20 minutes or so, start to melt the white almond bark according to the package instructions.  When it is ready, pull the apples out of the freezer and swirl them in the melted bark until the caramel is well coated, using the same technique as before.  Pop them back into the freezer and start melting the other bark.
  9. Place your toppings into separate bowls.
  10. When the bark is melted, coat the white bark following the previous instructions.  While still wet, roll the coated apples into the toppings and set aside to dry.
  11. Your apples will be set and ready to serve and share in 10 minutes!



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