Peppermint Fun

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The weather is very “Decembery” here in Waco.  I don’t really like “Decembery” weather.  But – it is inspirational for the kitchen!  Those “comfort foods”, you know.  I feel like I talk about comfort food a lot; pot roasts, rich pasta sauces and mashed potatoes.  (I actually skipped the pumpkin pie this year and had mashed potatoes for dessert at Thanksgiving)  But crisp, cold weather with lots of sunshine makes me long for anything peppermint.  If it wasn’t such a bad idea, I’d probably walk around with a candy cane hanging out of my mouth for the entire month of December.  Attractive, I know.  As a better option, I put it in everything I bake.  Frozen peppermint brownie pie, Sweet vanilla biscotti with white chocolate and crushed peppermints, peppermint mochas, chocolate sandwich cookies with creamy peppermint frosting…  You get the picture.  I am putting a link to some yummy peppermint recipes here.  They are so fun to make and SO yummy to eat.  They really hit the spot with a steaming mug of coffee (with whipped cream on top!)  Happy start of December!


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