We Are Moving…Again

So… sorry I haven’t been writing lately.  Life has kinda gotten in the way!  We have been in the works here at the café to move to a bigger location.  We love our spot here on Austin Avenue, but we have already outgrown it! (That’s a good thing, right?!)  We are so excited to announce that after months of planning and looking and praying we have a new home just across the street.  We will be moving to Riversquare Center on Franklin Avenue.  We are building out 4,000 square feet for our new home.  We will be able to accommodate large groups for lunch and evening caterings.  Don’t worry, we will remain open in our current location until the new space is ready.  The only down time will be a day or two to get our equipment moved over and hooked up.  Keep checking the blog for progress and pictures!!!


2 thoughts on “We Are Moving…Again

  1. Hello Leah….thank you for the update…Well, we will most assuredly follow. And I really like the River Square building. my husband used to work on the top floor so I used to visit a lot. Now he actually works in the St. Charles Place building behind your oldstomping grounds…what’s up with that. Hehe. God Bless you endeavors!

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