The New Space!

Whew! We finally did it! We got moved in to our new permanent space. We finally have everything working together as it was intended. Our kitchen is GIANT! And we are able to accomplish so much. Daily sales, caterings and special orders are so much easier to balance.

Our new location has roughly double the square footage of our last location. All of our tables are under one, air-conditioned roof! We have seating for approximately 100 guests and we can add more if we need to!

Everything came together so well. I am so happy with the paint colors, the stained concrete, and the cool purple chairs. My friend Genevieve and her husband helped me so much with the aesthetics of the new location. Genevieve put her photography talents to use on the artwork scattered around the walls and John created our menu boards, window decals and our outside signs. I am blessed to have such talented friends who are so willing to help.

Riversquare has been good to us so far. We share an entrance with the shops of riversquare located a floor above us. They have amazing customers and it has been fun to brainstorm marketing and downtown growth ideas with them.

I hope you will check out the place for yourself. But if you can’t, there are pictures on our website and on our facebook page. Hope to see you soon!


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