Happy Hour Gift Basket

Today I was commissioned to create a gift basket for an upscale salon here in town.  In scouring for unique “baskets” I came across some melamine margarita cups on sale for the summer.  I instantly decided that filling a margarita glass with one of my new margarita cake balls was creative genius! (OK – genius might be too strong a word, but you get the picture)

I dipped the rim of the cup into melted chocolate that I tinted green and rolled it in margarita salt.  I lined the cup with some small cupcake papers and piled margarita cake balls into the glass.  I took it one step further when I dipped a clear plastic cup in white chocolate, rolled it in toasted coconut and filled it with Blue Hawaiian cake balls.  The cups looked so cute and festive set on a tray filled with other goodies… triple chocolate cookies, toffee coated marshmallows and pink champagne cupcakes.  (It was happy hour at 11 am!)


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour Gift Basket

  1. I have made cake balls from the boxed cake variety (aka? cake pops ala Bakerella), but your flavors are so very inventive…how about a chocolate salted caramel flavor? It all looks so yummy.

    • Jenny- we’ve done a salted peanut butter caramel before. Check out our facebook page or twitter for updates on when we have those in stock. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.

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