Signature Spice!

Have you ever watched enough Food Network to realize that every chef that has their own show has their very own seasoning blend?   You can purchase their blends online and in stores, or you could make your very own seasoning blend instead.  I love to create my own seasoning blends when I cook.  I have one of those “towers of spices” that contains herbs and seasonings that nobody knows what to do with… I mean, how many recipes call for marjoram?  However, I decided that someone likes these spices and they must be good for something, right?  So, I try to use all of the spices (in varying applications and ratios, of course) when I am creating a new meal.  My personal signature spice for steaks is a blend of: season salt, garlic salt, celery salt, course ground black pepper, savory and marjoram.

There is a very simple way to go about creating your own signature spice.  You have to use your nose!  I start with the product I plan to season and cook and then choose a base spice such as season salt for steaks or garlic salt for fish.  Then I layer in other spices as I go.  I literally hold the raw product up next to an open container of the spice I am curious about and smell them together to decide if they go well with each other!  If they smell good together, I add it to the base seasoning I have started in a bowl.  I continue to add spices until the seasoning blend I have created smells just right with the raw product.  You can save your spice blend in a Ziploc and label it with its intended use; steak seasoning, fish seasoning, chicken blend, etc.

I had a friend over to dinner the other night and she laughed at me during this process.  She caught me holding up raw sirloin and a bowl of salt, pepper, and spices… must’ve been funny to see.  However, she declared that she loved the final product and that her steak was deliciously seasoned!  The result is worth the process!

I encourage you to try your own blends and experiment with those little known spices taking up room in your pantry.   You may find something new to love.  You will also begin to become aware of the seasonings in other foods that you eat.   Just a note: some salt is “necessary” in a blend.  It adds instant flavor and is a meat tenderizer, but don’t go too heavy, you can always add table salt after cooking.

Leah’s Steak Seasoning:

  • ¼ Cup season salt
  • 2t celery salt
  • 2t garlic salt
  • 2t granulated garlic
  • 1t savory
  • 2t marjoram
  • ¼ cup course ground black pepper

Simple Directions:

  1. Stir with a fork to blend and sprinkle evenly over your steaks before grilling!

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