Homecoming Weekend

I apologize for some reason this blog never posted and I just noticed it so here is a blog I wrote back in October after Baylor homecoming.

It’s homecoming weekend at The Olive Branch!  (Ok – so it’s homecoming weekend at Baylor.)  That doesn’t mean that I can’t look forward to old friends and customers coming back to visit!  I love that The Olive Branch is on a Waco “must eat at” tour for some people!  It is right up there with being “the birthday celebration place” in my book of honors.

I hope that everyone can find my new location in riversquare center.  I also hope that I have made enough cakeballs to get through the weekend!  This is typically the biggest weekend of business for The Olive Branch all year.  Couple that with getting the chance to see some favorite faces that I’ve been missing and it is a weekend that I am actually looking forward to working!  For those of you that are making it back to Waco, please come by!  I would love the chance to see you (probably briefly) and to sell you a cookbook! J  I am stocking up on our new cookie dough and pumpkin pie cakeballs.  I will have some BU brownie bites ready too.  Come and grab a dozen to take to your tailgate friends.


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