Lazy Weekend

What a lazy weekend.  It was rainy and cold all weekend.  (Yuck!) I did my best to stay inside and dry.  I spent lots of time curled up the couch with my favorite furry friends.

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But to alleviate the boredom and in an effort to salvage some of my time off I indulged in some of my favorite local Waco restaurants.  I think it is really important (and fun) to support my local community.  There are a variety of local restaurants that offer types of food I don’t always get the chance to enjoy.  As you will figure out, Mexican food is my favorite non-bakery café food!

Saturday morning started off with a trip to Leal’s.  A family-run taqueria in Hewitt.  They have the best tortillas.  Their salsa verde is spicy and smoky and really delicious on a giant breakfast taco.  It warms you up from the inside out. Saturday night was a football game at Rosatti’s pizza.  It is a Chicago style pizza joint that specializes in homemade dough and deep dish pizzas.  I shared a pepperoni and sausage pizza with friends and added lots of spicy jalapenos to the top of the crispy double dough crust.  After church on Sunday, I got treated to Lolita’s.  Yes – another family-run taqueria.  They use a Monterrey jack cheese that makes all the difference.  They freshly shred huge blocks of it and generously melt it all over their flavorful taco fillings.  I love their crispy bacon.  Their salsa is served warm and is so delicious made into queso with the same Monterrey jack cheese.   Sunday night was the ultimate indulgence at Ninfas.  A bowl of hot chicken soup and a fresh green salad alongside a fajita beef taco on a homemade flour tortilla…

Don’t you worry, tonight is grilled tuna and salad. Back to the real world.  Spin class this morning was ROUGH!  I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend.  I’ll be working on some new recipes this week as we look forward to a special Valentine’s Day Dinner here at The Olive Branch.  Make plans now to attend if you can!  We will have limited seating and a special menu.


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