Super Sunday Ribs

The Superbowl is ALWAYS a big game.  No matter who is playing!  I don’t have any particular affinities for either team this year.  I guess I will cheer for the Packers.  My dad is a Wisconsin Yankee by birth (even though he makes a pretty good Texan) so he has always had a soft spot in his heart for the Packers.   I do just love watching football, though!  But what superbowl is complete without a super meal?  My friends and I just potluck the big game, each of us bringing our favorite treat.  This year, my contribution is going to be short rib tacos.  It has been so darn COLD here in Waco so I am wanting to share something warm and filling, but not the usual chili.  These tacos are a combination of Tex and Mex.  You can make them as versatile as you want! The basic recipe produces a tender brisket-like meat that stays moist and adapts to a variety of flavors.  I serve mine with avocado, queso fresco, sliced jalapenos and Mexican crema.  You could serve yours with pinto beans, canned rotel, and diced onions, if you are craving a “chili-esque” flavor.  You can even mix 2T of chili powder into a small tub of sour cream for topping your tacos to further deepen the chili theme if you want. However you top them, these tacos are delicious, filling, and easy for your friends to assemble on their own  and as they get hungry.

You can start this recipe the morning of the game, or cook the ribs the day before.  You can shred the meat and leave it in it’s broth overnight in the frig.  It will re-heat the next day and you won’t have to worry about the kitchen mess as your guests are arriving!

Short Rib Tacos Ingredients

  • 2 packages (about 3 pounds) of short ribs
  • 32 oz beef stock
  • 12 oz dark beer
  • 4 cloves fresh garlic, peeled and crushed
  • Season salt
  • Garlic salt
  • Black pepper


  1. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat.  While the skillet heats, season the short ribs on both sides with the season salt, garlic salt and black pepper.
  2. Place the ribs into the skillet without crowding them and brown them well on all sides.
  3. After they are browned all over, place them into a large slow cooker.  Repeat process until all of the ribs are seared.
  4. Add the beer, the beef stock and the crushed garlic to the slow cooker.  Add another 1T of season salt to the broth.
  5. Turn the cooker on low and let it cook for 6-8 hours
  6. You will know the ribs are done when the meat starts to fall off of the bone.
  7. Let the ribs cool until you can handle them and, using 2 forks, pull the meat off of the bones and shred it.  Discard the fat and the bones.
  8. Once cool, skim the fat off the top of the broth in the slow cooker.  Put the meat back into the skimmed broth to keep it moist for serving.  At this stage, you can put the meat/broth into an airtight container and put it in the frig until you are ready to re-heat it, or you can turn the heat back on to the cooker and serve it from that once it is hot again. (or if you need it faster, pour it into a saucepan and gently re-heat it on the stovetop)
  9. Put your tortillas and toppings on a serving platter near your hot, shredded rib meat and let people assemble the tacos as they are ready!

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