Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

I was trying to think of something cute and “spring-y” to sell at the restaurant for Easter.  Since I am NO Martha Stewart, arts and crafts projects have never been my strong point.  I have always preferred something a little more elegant (and already made).  However, I thought that this year might be a good one to exercise that craft bone I have buried deep inside.  What could be a cuter (or easier) project than Easter eggs?  Since my favorite medium is food, it seemed to make sense.  I didn’t really think that hard boiled, dyed eggs would be big sellers at The Olive Branch, though, so I opted for a sweeter version!


As a child, I didn’t take part in many Easter egg hunts.  However, in my opinion, the best thing about hunting Easter eggs lays in the surprise found inside that colorful plastic shell.  So I decided to incorporate that “treat inside of a treat” into my project.  I took a trip to HEB and took stock of all of the beautiful, and egg-shaped, candy available.  I chose Cadbury crème eggs, 3 musketeer bars and reeses peanut butter eggs.  These became the surprise middle!


For my Easter eggs, I simply followed the directions and made a batch of rice krispy treats.  While the cereal mixture was still warm, I sprayed my hands with cooking spray, took a glob of cereal mixture and carefully shaped it around an unwrapped chocolate treat.  I gently shaped the rice krispy treat to resemble an egg shape.

Once they cooled and set, I used different colored candy melts, sprinkles and sugars to decorate the eggs to look like a traditional Easter egg!  The chocolate candy center is a delicious and surprising treat.I tried some with fruity pebbles, too.  The brightly colored cereal gives the eggs a happy hue without having to decorate.   I think I might try cocoa krispies next… maybe drizzled with white chocolate?  I mean, who can resist chocolate Easter eggs?

Wrapped in cellophane, these eggs can keep for up to a week at room temperature.  They look cute in a bowl as a centerpiece and can be passed out for dessert!  I hope you all find yourselves with plans to spend Easter with loved ones and friends.  I know, for me, Easter is a celebration of the risen life of Jesus Christ.  I always look forward to the celebration.  Happy Easter, everyone!



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