Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day is coming up fast!  I MIGHT have the best mom in the world.  I’m sure a few of you out there might disagree thinking yours is the best, but I’ll keep mine.  She is always willing to sacrifice her time and resources for me.  She is full of wisdom and she plays a mean game of spades, too!  I don’t know about y’all, but I NEVER know what to get my mom for mother’s day.  She really doesn’t love receiving gifts and I sure don’t know what to buy her.  Mother’s Day ends up being one of our busiest days here at The Olive Branch.  And, of course, my mom usually ends up working at the restaurant with me washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms (I really know how to make her feel special, hunh?!)


This year, I think I am going to treat her to a shopping trip!  Now that we exist underneath The Shops of Riversquare Center, we will have an easy walk.  The Shops are full of great gift ideas (you don’t have to wait until Sunday to browse and buy.)  They will even gift wrap them for you!  While you’re up there, be sure and check out my friend’s new boutique, Plum.  Jessica (about to be a mother for the first time) and her staff will help you find the perfect gift.  Cakeballs and cupcakes are a fun way to celebrate too.  Feel free to call and order a special treat for your mom.  254-757-0885

My mom and I hope to see you all Sunday for a celebratory brunch with YOUR mom.  Remember we are open 8am-3pm now on Sundays!!

(Look for my blog tomorrow on Cinco de Mayo suiza enchiladas!)


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