Ask Leah – The Quest for the Perfect Cookie

Got a case of the Mondays? Leah’s advice on how to make the perfect cookie will banish your baking woes! As for those work-related blues, enjoying a delicious treat with someone you love can fix that up in no time.

Unless you’re gifted with a Betty Crocker gene, many can attest that baking the softest, fluffiest cookie you’ve ever seen is no easy feat. Cookies often come out of the oven flat, crispy or slightly burnt – a far cry from the ooey-gooey morsels we love to munch on. Leah offers simple but sound advice on how to yield the ideal batch every time.

My chocolate chip cookies come out flat and crunchy. How do I make the perfect soft and gooey cookie?

  • Start with room temperature ingredients. Butter straight out of your fridge will throw your batter off and negatively affect your final product.


  • You have to use real ingredients: real butter, real fat, and no substitutes. Once you start adding in low-fat this and artificial-that, you begin to lose the traditional baking experience and its tasty results.

  • Check your temperatures. It’s basic things like making sure your oven is holding the right temperature with an oven thermometer that make a huge difference. You may think you’re baking at 350 degrees, when you’re really baking at 315 or 375. Every home should have fridge thermometer and oven thermometer to make sure temperatures are staying where they should.

But what is the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, you ask? Well, aside from a tried and true recipe passed down from mother to daughter throughout the ages, Alton Brown’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe holds a special place in Bonnie’s heart. We hope these helpful tips have set you in the right direct – one filled with warm, soft cookies and a happy belly!

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