Happy Birthday, Prissy!

So, I got to do a fun project the other day. Someone actually thought to call the restaurant for a doggie birthday cake! I love baking for dogs. I know it’s silly, but let’s be honest. They always like what you make and they are NOT picky!! They don’t care what you throw in the batter. They are just so happy to get to eat something that you pulled out of your oven just for them!

I looked up a recipe for a peanut butter doggie cake online. It called for whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and shredded carrots . For some reason a lot of doggie treats call for carrots. I guess they love carrots? Who knew?! I topped it with a cream cheese frosting (sugar free, of course) that I dyed slightly pink. After all, the cake was for a doggie named Prissy. Pink seemed appropriate. Here are the pics of my fun project.

I hope Prissy had a great birthday!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Prissy!

  1. What a cute idea!! I need to do this for my doggy’s bday. oh and my dog (Harry) actually LOVES carrots, then again he likes anything edible

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