Ask Leah – Must Have Kitchen Tools

Although I like to pretend that I am a culinary genius and there is no recipe I cannot master, I have to step aside and give some of my handy kitchen appliances some of the credit. I would be lost without my mother’s KitchenAid stand mixer that has seen me through countless batches of cookies. And as silly as it sounds, my citrus squeezer helps me whip through salsas and marinades like nobody’s business. In today’s post, Leah shares her go-to utensils that she loves.

What’s your handiest tool in the kitchen?

Leah could not live without her hand held potato masher. Potatoes are her favorite starch, and these handy mashers can be used for squash, avocados and all sorts of things! In Leah’s opinion, hand mashed potatoes are the only way to go.

Another kitchen necessity for Leah? Her garlic press. Adding fresh garlic to your recipes has never been so easy!

Share with us your favorite kitchen tools! What could you not live without in your kitchen?


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