Ask Leah – Organizing Your Kitchen

If you’re someone who moves frequently, be it for school or work-related reasons, unpacking and deciding where everything should go is always a challenge. Perhaps one of the most important rooms in your house to organize is your kitchen, if only for how frequently you will use it. Unless you opt to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and store sweaters in your stove, Leah has great tips on how to set up your kitchen, making cooking and entertaining a breeze.

From a cook’s perspective, where should things go in the kitchen?

  • Glasses go in the cabinet closet to the freezer, making it easy to pop some ice cubes in your lemonade or iced tea in a hurry.
  • Knives, cooking utensils, and your kitchen gadgets are best kept in a drawer or on your counter that’s as close to your prep surface as possible. This way you won’t be dripping or spilling all over your kitchen as you try to reach a better utensil.
  • Dinner plates are handiest near the dish washer, which also makes putting your clean dishes away a snap!
  • Cutlery should be kept close to dinner plates, making it easier to grab all the utensils you need for your meal at once.
  • Coffee cups should go close to your coffee pot, eliminating any extra steps in your morning routine to get your daily java.
  • Try to keep your small appliances put away in a cabinet. Of course, leave the ones you use frequently (that electric can opener, perhaps?) out on the counter, but the more appliances you have on your counter tops will a) make your kitchen look messier and more cluttered and b) accrue dirt and food particles, making your kitchen dirtier than necessary.
  • Pots and pans are happiest when living either under the stove or as close to it as possible.
  • Leah likes to keep her cooking spices in a cabinet close to her stove so seasoning while cooking isn’t a hassle.
  • Tupperware and saran wrap are convenient together and it’s ideal if there’s some counter space near where you store your food storage items. How easy is it to just transfer your casserole from serving plate to tupperware container in one fell swoop?
  • Chemicals should never be stored near food, so move that 409 out of your pantry and either under your sink or in a different room entirely!
  • Kitchen space is valuable! Don’t crowd your cabinets with special serving pieces you only use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Instead, display or store them in another room. When the time comes to use them, you can easily retrieve them from their appropriate storage area. Similarly, wine can be displayed in the dining room or elsewhere other than the kitchen.

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