Cake Pop Cure for the Monday Blues

I don’t know about y’all, but the weekend ended entirely too early for my taste. To drive this point home, I hit my snooze button a few too many times this morning before begrudgingly smacking my alarm off and literally flying out of bed once I realized the time. Due to those extra minutes in bed, I didn’t have time to properly fix my hair. Now I look a little (okay, a lot) like Albert Einstein, if Einstein had red hair. It’s debatable whether my clothes match. I tried to start my car with my house key. Yeah, it’s definitely Monday.

Somehow I made it in to the restaurant without incurring some sort of physical injury or losing my mind and was rewarded with these darling treats:

Shut the front door. Cakeballs that look like ice cream cones? Leah is too creative! There’s no way you can still have a case of the Mondays with these adorable treats around!

With so many fun ideas and twists on the classic cake pop, Leah found inspiration for these cuties while browsing various websites. You can make simple cake pops for yourself using easy-to-follow recipes like this, or get a little creative and check out the fun Dr Pepper cake pop recipe we featured a few months back!

I’m convinced that you’ll be equally smitten with these precious pops once you get your hands on them. They’re a perfect way to sweeten up your afternoon or would add a fun flair to an upcoming birthday party. We’ve got them in the dessert case today and would be happy to make a special order for you or your friends! What better way to beat the Monday blues with something sweet, right?


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