Meet Project (254)

If you follow us on our social media sites, spend any amount of time in the restaurant or live in Waco, you probably have heard us reference Project (254) a time or two. In recent months, this innovative organization has been receiving a lot of attention from local news stations, other organizations and local businesses. Still not sure who they are or what they do exactly? Take a moment to get to know one nonprofit that is close to our hearts here at The Olive Branch.

Who They Are:

The 254 Foundation is a nonprofit organization seeking to reinvest in the McLennan County community through grants, projects and supporting other local nonprofits. Focusing specifically on easing the severity of poverty in the area, supporting a surge in the quality of education, and strengthening the community, 254 Foundation is striving to enrich and empower the McLennan County population.

What They Do:

These goals are furthered through Project (254), an initiative that partners the 254 Foundation with local businesses and local products. These partnerships not only stimulate the local economy, but also provides consumers with the opportunity to make responsible and thoughtful purchases. Designed to be a project that engages the entire community, Project (254) gives us a chance to fight poverty together.

The Nitty Gritty:

More specifically, once Project (254) enters into a partnership with a local business, that business will identify a product or service that will raise funds for the foundation. Proceeds from those sales or services will directly benefit the 254 Foundation. In turn, the 254 Foundation will grant funds to local nonprofits who are committed to eradicating the poverty problem within Waco.

How We’re Involved:

Exciting, right? We’re so energized about the many ways we add to Project (254) grants! Ten percent of all our espresso bar sales directly benefit the foundation, which makes that mid-morning latte so much sweeter. Additionally, our unique (254) coffee blend goes toward the 254 Foundation. We’re always working toward coming up with new treats and products that will bring us closer to wiping out poverty in our community and invite you to join us in this endeavor.

With such values as community, responsibility, compassion and justice, The Olive Branch is thrilled to partner with the 254 Foundation, along with Common Grounds, Congress Clothing, W Promotions and Waco Arts Initiative. If you’re a consumer, consider shopping or partnering with these fantastic stores and organizations; if you’re a business owner, we hope you’ll be inspired to seek justice with us as we work toward empowering those around us.

You may be wondering why we blogged about ice cream cone cake pops on Monday instead of an Ask Leah post. And again today, you might be a bit surprised that Leah isn’t sharing some delicious recipe. There’s a simply answer, friends – Leah’s on vacation on the lovely beaches of Mexico, taking a much-deserved break. Check back next week for fun stories and recipes inspired by her recent travels! And on Friday, stay tuned for a tasty recipe from one of our favorite bloggers!


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