Ask Leah – Craveable Vacation Foods

Good news, friends – Leah’s back from vacation! Although we missed her dearly, we’re so thankful she had a relaxing trip and a well-deserved break from everyday duties. Leah spent the week lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying local cuisine – but what foods did she miss? As much fun as it is to get a break from the ordinary and take a vacation to an exotic destination, there are always little familiar things that call us back home.

While you were vacationing, where there any foods you craved?

  • Believe it or not, Leah missed a good, hearty steak. All the fish tacos and enchiladas in the world can’t satisfy a hankering for something that will stick to your ribs like a Texas rib-eye.

  • B-B-Q made the list as well – there’s nothing quite like big juicy beef ribs from The County Line.
  • Mexico isn’t known for tasty baked goods like the giant cupcakes we specialize in here at The Olive Branch. When the urge for something sweet set in, Leah couldn’t wait to get home to bake up a pan of homemade brownies!
  • But what about beverages? Leah’s go-to soda is Diet Coke, something that she couldn’t find across the border. The copy-cat she found was called Coca-Cola Light and apparently tasted more like Coke Zero than Diet Coke. You can always count on Mexican sodas to showcase that powerfully sweet sugar cane flavor!
  • Good coffee was missed, as well. We’re convinced she just couldn’t wait to return home to our sweet (254) blend!

When you go out of town, what things do you miss? Whenever I leave my parents’ house after a long visit, I always find myself missing my dad’s coffee – no one brews a cup quite like him!

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