Ask Leah – Entertaining Made Easy

Whether you’re throwing a big birthday bash or a small get-together for close friends and family, decorations add a fun flair and further drive home the point that you are an entertaining extraordinaire. With a few birthdays in my immediate future, I’ve been researching simple ways to put together decorations and add a few nice touches that make an intimate event even more special. As I know I’m not the only one who’s ever contemplated these smaller points of entertaining, I thought I’d share my favorite findings in conjunction with Leah’s tasty spin on dressing up store-bought goodies.

Do-It-Yourself Flag Streamers

I love DIY endeavors. I feel so crafty when I bust out my scissors, glue sticks and brightly colored card stock – maybe it just takes me back to my preschool days. Regardless, it’s amazing what you can do with a little time and glue. Flag streamers have been a recent love of mine. They are a perfect youthful addition to a dessert table or tastefully hung from the ceiling. I’ve even seen them as easily customizable decorations at wedding receptions! Martha Stewart’s DIY template is one I’ll be trying out next weekend for my mom’s birthday. This easy-to-use template just requires twine, scissors, glue and the colored/patterned paper of your choice! I think these would look divine in an antiqued floral pattern.

Tissue Flowers

If you’re enchanted with the idea of utilizing ceiling space for decorations like me, then tissue paper flowers may be a good option. Tissue paper costs next to nothing and is readily available in an array of bright colors or fun patterns. This Meylah tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to put together beautiful flowers, which can easily be hung from the ceiling using craft wire. A creative variation would be to mix large and small flowers together to create a more haphazard effect!

If you’d rather utilize table space, make a tissue flower garland to adorn the bottom of a cake stand or a sandwich tray! This Ruffled tutorial makes it easy-peasy to put together table decorations that set you apart from the crowd.

Dressing up Store-bought Goods

Leah is such a godsend when it comes to finding a snazzy way to add personal touches to baked goods in the blink of an eye. I just love how creative she is – I mean, I never would’ve thought of three or four different ways to turn pre-made baked goods into something special when I’m crunched on time. When you simply don’t have an entire afternoon to spend in the kitchen baking your little heart out, let your local supermarket help you out. Little do they know, you’ll take their treats to new heights with Leah’s fabulous tips.

Cupcake in a Jar

If you’ve got time to bake your goodies yourself and happen to have a surplus of Mason jars laying around, this precious idea from Cakies blog combines your food and a little decoration together, eliminating the need for more fancy decor. Mason jars are a popular event item these days, adding a vintage feel to parties and receptions. Drinking lemonade has never felt more stylish! But stray from the beaten path and put your treats directly in the jars for a more original twist. Your friends will think you’re the cleverest hostess with the most-ess they’ve ever seen!

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