Exciting Catering Additions

We love catering events here at The Olive Branch! It’s such an honor to be a part of office meetings, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions or a simple get together at someone’s house. Whether we’re catering a sandwich tray for 12 or chicken enchiladas for 50, we put our heart into everything that leaves our kitchen. Pair that dedication with new items for our Fall 2011 catering menu, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! So what’s new, you ask? Let me give you a preview!

  • A Blue Pear Salad with a Maple Vinaigrette – perfect for Fall, this salad matches sweet pears with a flavorful vinaigrette, sure to tickle your taste buds!
  • Our rendition of street tacos – filled with shredded brisket or tomatillo pork, paired with a spicy coleslaw and served on warm tortillas, this is one of my favorite entrees! Homemade chips and salsa are a must for this dish.
  • Shepherd’s Pie or Chicken Pot Pie – ideal for a brisk day, serve this entree with our homemade French bread and one of our famous salads to warm up your insides.
  • Chicken Spaghetti
  • King Ranch Chicken Casserole
  • Sausage Wraps
  • Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches – fresh buns with all the toppings, homemade roasted potatoes and salad draws this staple sandwich to the center stage as freshness shines through this dish.
  • The “Almost” Reuben sandwich
  • Take-home casseroles: Chicken Enchiladas, Lasagna, Chicken Spaghetti, and King Ranch Chicken Casserole, just to name a few! If you ever find yourself in the bind of what to cook for dinner, call us that morning and we’ll have a casserole put together just for you! We’ll do all the prep work – all you have to do is take it, pop it in the oven and dinner is served!

With so many delicious options for lunches, dinners, breakfasts or an afternoon snack, let us be the ones to make your next event extra special! To find out more about our catering offerings or to get a complete listing of all we do, shoot us an email at info@olivebranchwaco.com or contact us on our Facebook or Twitter.


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