Ask Leah – Cooking for a Crowd

Whether you’re hosting your family’s next reunion dinner or your intimate dinner party for four has turned into eight, there’s always a dish that can satisfy the hungry hoard without dirtying every pot you own. We fondly refer to these as “one pot wonders.” Let us share a few of our favorites with you to get your gears turning!

How do I cook for a large group without losing my mind and wrecking my kitchen?

  • Simplify your entrees. You’d be amazed how much this helps when it comes to planning a dinner party. Instead of serving tacos, opt for enchiladas. You’ve got everything in one container and you can easily bake up enough to serve the masses. While they’re in the oven, you’ve got ample time to whip up homemade chips and salsa, Spanish rice or refried beans.
  • If you have your heart set on Italian, choose a baked ziti or lasagna rather than spaghetti and meat sauce. Again, with all your entree ingredients in one pan, you’re making the clean-up process so much easier for yourself. You’ll also have time to mingle with your guests during the cooking process.
  • A pot roast smothered in mushrooms, onions and potatoes does double duty, too! You could easily play off this concept with baked chicken, as well.
  • Bust out your crock pot for some homemade chili or a carne asada stew.

With so many filling dishes to make, this list could easily go on for days! What are your favorite dishes to make when you’ve got a packed house?


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