Eating in Season + September Produce

As the nights get ever-so-slightly cooler, the days a little shorter, and summer comes to a close, don’t forget to make dinners special by using seasonal ingredients! Summer always means bunches of bright berries and fruits, but fall offers just as many delicious edibles!

Eating in season not only lets you take advantage of lower produce prices and leave the store with several deals and steals, but you’re also doing your body a huge favor. The more natural ingredients you put into your body, the better you’re sure to feel.

In Texas during September, apples and watermelons are at their peak. Watermelons are always perfect alongside a hearty meal of BBQ or burgers. Why not try something new and make your own canned apple preserves or a spiced apple cake?

Potatoes, turnips, tomatoes and peppers are also at their finest. Stuffed and roasted bell peppers make for a tasty and surprisingly easy entree if you’re looking to stray from the ordinary meats and potatoes scene. Also, try out a fun spin on the traditional potato salad by adding fun flavors! Summer squash is also still in season and cucumbers are looking good.

Speaking of using what’s in season, Leah has some dove recipes for us in the near future! Check back later this week for tasty ways to make use of the season’s bounty.


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