Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you had a fabulous weekend filled with lots of good food and time spent with friends and family.

This weekend was full of excitement here in Waco, with Parents’ Weekend and the Baylor vs. Rice game overlapping. We got to serve so many wonderful parents and their students, alumni wearing their green and gold and even cater some exciting events. To all of our patrons old and new, thank you so much for sharing this fun weekend with us and being patient as we strove to serve you all! We appreciate your willingness to wait a little longer for quality 🙂

Thankfully, the excitement doesn’t stop at this weekend – we have beautiful new Olive Branch logo t-shirts available for purchase in the restaurant. They come in heathered purple and green from both Comfort Color and American Apparel and are going for $16.99.

Also, we’re adding new menu items this week! Our updated menu board will be in later this week and we can’t wait for y’all to come in and try delicious items like our Ruben sandwich and an entire Special Diets section, including several gluten free items. Look for posts on our Facebook announcing our new menu arrival!


One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. Ken’s salad looks amazing! Strawberries aren’t exactly in season here (in Stockholm) right now, but if they were, I’d ignore the autumnal weather and make that!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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