Melted Marinara + The Russian Sandwich

I know you’ve heard so much about our new menu items – we’re so excited, we just can’t help but brag a little! As if you needed any extra motivation to come give them a try, check out our reviews of two crowd favorites – our melted marinara and Russian sandwiches!

If you like pizza, you will love our Melted Marinara sandwich.  Our fresh baked French bread is layered with sliced tomatoes, thick-cut fresh mozzarella, sliced salami and leaves of fresh basil all pressed together and toasted.  We serve it with our homemade marinara sauce for dipping.  This sandwich is essentially a French Bread calzone!  It is crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.  We serve it up with potato chips and a pickle spear.

The Russian is the new favorite sandwich at The Olive Branch.  We take our homemade whole wheat bread and spread it with our own tomato aioli, which is a tangy, creamy, slightly spicy spread.  We then layer on provolone cheese, sliced roast beef, and sliced salami then grill it up brown and toasty on the griddle.  This is a very hearty and filling sandwich.

Curious about our other new items? Drop by the restaurant and try ’em for yourself…or just wait until Wednesday and we’ll have a few more to share!


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