In-House Wedding Reception

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, friends! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we’ve been putting together delicious caterings and serving our wonderful patrons here in the restaurant at a feverish pace. We hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive our temporary absence. 🙂

Since we’ve been so busy, it only seems fair that we should give y’all a little peak into what we’ve been up to. Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting a beautiful wedding reception here in the restaurant. Complete with rustic chic burlap table cloths and mason jars filled with white hydrangeas, it was a beautiful sight to behold! Check out some of the details for yourself:

I love all the lovely fresh flowers Leah sprinkled across the bride’s cake!

The tablecloths and mason jars add such a rustic chic touch to our traditional cafe tables.

I hope y’all enjoyed that little peak into some of the fun things we get to do in the restaurant after hours. If you like what you saw, either in decor or food, give us a shout at to chat about having these delicious eats at your next event!


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