Handy Tips for the Perfect Holiday Feast

Cooking for a crowd seems daunting.  I know.  I often cook for crowds.  It always makes me a little nervous.  There are so many things to consider…  There is ALWAYS – will they like it?  How about – Are they going to arrive on time or should I plan dinner later than the invitation stated?  My personal favorite is, of course – will they care that I am still in my robe with no make-up on when they get here since I realized the dog is incapable of setting the table for me while I get dressed?  I know a big question a lot of home cooks ask, though, is – will I have enough food?  I am going to give you a couple of quick tips on how to plan portions.  I hope they will be helpful as you go into this season of Thanksgiving.

Turkey with bone – Plan on 1/2 pound per person.  If your group likes white meat more than dark, cook a turkey breast along with a whole turkey.  If they are big dark meat eaters, throw in a couple of extra turkey legs.

Spiral sliced ham – go with 1/3 pound per guest

Potatoes – Plan on a ¼ pound of potatoes per person.

Dressing/Stuffing – a 13×9 pan will serve 12 people

Green Beans – go with ¼ pound per person, or use the 12 servings per 13×9 casserole dish for green bean casserole

Make enough rolls for 2 per person.  (up it to 2 ½ per person if you want leftovers for sandwiches!)

Pies – Plan on a standard 9” pie feeding 8 people as most people will cut very small pieces to allow for tasting more than one dessert!

1 gallon of iced tea will make 16 glasses.  Be sure you plan for 2 glasses per guest.

I’m not really sure how you plan for that cranberry sauce.  (It’s not my favorite…)  But I AM going to show you how to turn the leftovers into a dressing for a salad topped with roasted turkey in my next blog!  Creative leftovers!

I hope that all of you find reasons to be thankful this season.  Happy Thanksgiving.  (And let’s go Cowboys!!)


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