Bonnie Plans a Wedding + Bridal Showers

As the weeks fly by and our wedding date draws closer and closer, there are so many elements of wedding planning that I’ve poured myself into. From caterers to florists and photographers, it’s amazing to see all the traditions and etiquette behind it all. Since I know I’m not the only bride-to-be exploring all the fun customs leading up to her wedding, I thought we’d chat about bridal showers today.

Up until this point, my fiance and I have been in control of making all the calls – choosing our menu, picking out flatware and voting on our favorite forms of reception entertainment – but this is one element that is out of our hands. Through conversations with friends, mothers and bridesmaids, I’ve compiled a helpful list of all the details you should know for the next bridal shower your throw.

Who: Traditionally, the maid of honor or another bridesmaid throws the event, but in today’s society it’s completely acceptable for your future mother-in-law, your mother’s best friends, a close college pal or almost anyone to throw a shower for you. No one individual needs to accept responsibility for the event either. I’ve been to some really great showers that were hosted by the bride’s closest friends or a small group from church. When compiling the guest list, snag a copy of the wedding guest list from the bride or ask her who she’d like to see at this affair. If you’re surprising her, ask her fiance or her mother for a guest list.

What: Although it is customary to purchase gifts off the bride’s wedding registry, many showers these days are focused on celebrating the bride and her upcoming nuptials. Cute games and sweet treats are almost always a given. If you don’t feel like wading through her registry, give her a gift card to her favorite store or one she’s registered with! She and her groom-to-be will have fun picking up leftover items from the registry list after the wedding.

When: Bridal showers can be anywhere to six months to a few weeks before the big day. If you’re planning a shower for someone, check to see if they’re having multiple showers thrown for them. If so, coordinate your event around the other showers so the events don’t overlap or are poorly scheduled.

Where: Many showers take place in the host’s home, though restaurants and small event facilities are rising in popularity for these intimate events. Our new concept The Olive Branch Express has a beautiful open space for such events!

Why: Showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the bride and send her off into her new married life with all the recipes, advice and kitchen gadgets she’ll need. Some brides are uncomfortable with such attention though, so check with her before you throw her the event of the year.

I hope these tips have been helpful in your planning process! If you’re putting together a shower locally, check out our new rental space in Spice Village for ideas, too.


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