Bonnie Plans a Wedding + Desserts

Out of all the wedding details that my fiance and I have tackled, desserts are by far our favorite! Choosing what sweet morsels we will offer our guests after a delicious meal is like putting a cherry on top of (what we hope will be) a fabulous evening. And with so many options out there, it gives us a great excuse to do a little “research” and investigate which treats will make the cut.

Like so many other brides these days, I don’t want to limit our guests to only cake and more cake. A dessert bar seems like the perfect combination of tradition and choice, ensuring that everyone will walk away with something they loved. Cakeballs, brownies, lemon bars and so much more are the perfect bite-size goodies for such a display. Even better – dessert bars can be dressed up to fit any theme and budget, and they look just darling.

My fiance and I are thinking of serving an assortment of bite-size cakeballs, raspberry brownie squares and cheesecake bites. Fortunately, I know a talented baker who can easily make it all happen!

Although I’m open to integrating new trends and ideas into the reception, I still need a good old fashioned cake to cut. Nothing too fancy or ornate, and we’re having a very intimate soiree so a five-tier cake doesn’t fit the bill. I’ve decided on a design that meshes perfectly with our Southern-inspired theme but don’t ask me what flavor we’re getting. I’m at a loss on that front.

A dainty two-tier cake with an “unfinished” frost is both rustic and elegant simultaneously. Maybe it should be red velvet? I’ll have to taste one of each flavor and get back to y’all on that.

Bless his hear, my sweet groom-to-be is decidedly a pie person, so a groom’s cake simply won’t do. Thankfully, his mother makes the most incredible melt-in-your-mouth pies and has graciously agreed to whip a few up for the reception. He gets his pie, I get my bride’s cake – I’d call it a win all around.

With less than five months to go before the wedding, it’s definitely time to book a baker and nail down your dessert options. Bakers can book up months in advance, and if you set a date that is in high demand, you may want to start your search a little earlier. Especially if you love sweets, this isn’t a detail you want to skimp on!

If you’re having a summer event like we are, treats like pies, cookies, brownies and cakeballs will hold up well in warmer temperatures. If you have your heart set on an outdoor affair, talk this over with your baker. Although your six-tier masterpiece of a cake will initially look beautiful covered in piping and ornate detail, it won’t last long in hotter weather. Be sure to work out the necessary details with your baker so you don’t waltz into your reception to find a melted cake.

What desserts are you planning to incorporate into your wedding reception? Perhaps you’ve seen some unique options at a reception recently? Remember to have fun with the process and find exactly what you want. Savor the tastings, too! You can treat them like little splurges in your wedding diet, if you’re on one. If not, good for you – eat an extra bite for the rest of us!


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