Feta Stuffed Tomatoes

So as I have been trying to continue to come up with healthy meals I am running into some challenges.  The first challenge being that it is expensive!  This is not a new challenge.  Eating well has always been costly.  Fresh, whole foods are high priced and they go bad fast!  Without preservatives and highly refined ingredients, the shelf life is pretty limited.  I guess this is why canned meats and veggies came to pass?!!?!  LOL.  Challenge two – It is time consuming.  Wow.  Taking raw products from start to finish, while making them taste good along the way, takes serious time and attention.  This is one reason that I spend a little time each week reading recipe magazines and watching Food Network.  (Yes – Paula Dean is a guilty pleasure!  If anyone knows how to make something delicious out of boring veggies – it’s her)  Getting other people’s perspectives on what to do with food fascinates me and inspires new ideas for my own dishes.  Often just a little tweaking of other people’s ideas can make something your own!

For instance, this recipe I am sharing with you today was inspired by a side dish that Paula Dean cooked up for her son.  She made a blue cheese stuffed tomato. I made a twist on this using olive oil instead of butter and reduced fat feta instead of blue cheese.  I am sure her version tastes much more decadent than mine, but mine turned out well and has much less fat and carbs!  I used mine as a side dish for steaks.  This is a great Spring/Summer recipe.  I intended for it to be served room temperature.  Thanks for the inspiration, Paula!

Feta Stuffed Tomatoes

1/2 package of center cut bacon

3 oz crumbled reduced fat feta

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil

2 large, vine-ripe tomatoes

  1.  Cook the bacon until it is brown and crispy.  Drain off the fat and pat the bacon dry with paper towels.
  2. Chop the bacon small and put it into a small bowl
  3. Add the feta and season with salt and pepper  Stir the bacon and cheese together
  4. Wash the tomatoes and slice them in half.  Place them cut side up on a sheet pan that is suitable for the broiler.
  5. Spoon the cheese mixture on top  of each tomato half.
  6. Drizzle the tomatoes with olive oil.
  7. Place the pan under a broiler (leave the oven door open) and broil the tomatoes until the cheese browns.  The tomatoes won’t really cook or heat up in this time span.  They should be room temperature and retain some of their ripe firmness.

These are a delicious side item.  I have also cut up leftovers and tossed them into a pasta with cream sauce.  Yummy!


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