Outdoor Waco + Our New Neighbors

One of the many things I love about Waco is how lovely it is! Spending Sundays hiking around Cameron Park or sitting on the banks of the Brazos River are just two of my favorite ways to soak up a sunny day. Unfortunately, if you don’t have easy access to your own gear, biking or enjoying the river can be difficult, if not impossible. That’s where our new neighbors, Outdoor Waco, come in.

Specializing in convenient outdoor rentals, Outdoor Waco offers bikes, paddle boats, backpacking and camping equipment, and so much more! Conveniently located at S. University Parks and Franklin (within walking distance of the park), you can rent a kayak for the afternoon at an affordable rate.

With a staff that genuinely wants to hook you up with the best gear for your adventure, Outdoor Waco should be your first stop for your rental needs. They have just about everything you’ll need to enjoy an active spring and summer on the beautiful banks of the Brazos – even a coffee and bubble tea bar!

Even if you haven’t dreamed up your next outdoor adventure yet, be sure to drop by and check our new neighbors out. We’re convinced you’ll love their newly renovated location and all the great gear they have to offer.


One thought on “Outdoor Waco + Our New Neighbors

  1. It’s always good when new business makes Downtown their home. It’s even better when they do more than just fill a storefront, but also enhance the downtown experience not to mention Cameron Park and the Brazos.

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