Big & Beautiful Changes at the Olive Branch

Big Changes are coming!!!!!  Yes, I am beginning to believe that I am as crazy as my mom says….  We have decided that we are going to move to table service at The Olive Branch!  No – I’ve never waited a table in my life.  Why do you ask?  I mean – I am already admitting to possibly being crazy…

But seriously, why are we making the big change?  Customer Service is the big reason.  Now that we have this beautiful space that holds up to 150 people, we have a wonderful new problem!  We are busy!  As it stands now, all of my customers must stand in a line and they have one chance, and one chance only, to make a decision and get product from us.  Not so great.  What if someone wants to add a cup of our delicious coffee to their order?  Or a cupcake?  No one should be denied their cupcake.  Well – no more!  We are going to have real, live servers come to you and take your order.  Add on as many cupcakes and coffees as you’d like!  J  You can even order a latte to take on the road without having to get back in line!  For those of you that like the do-it-yourself approach, we are trying to find a balance…  Our yummy, bottomless coffee bar with 5 different coffees will still be available for you to fill up at your own pace and choosing.  There will still be a register person taking call-in and carry-out orders.  Only now there won’t be a wait when you come to pick it up!  For those of you who want something even faster, we have our express café.  Ready-made sandwiches and salads as well as a $5 hot lunch special are ready when you are.

As for the “never having waited a table in my life” thing, I remedied that!  Well, sort of…  Diane Nowlain, the GM at Ninfas down the sidewalk from me, let me follow one of her servers for the day last Friday.  Poor Stephen.  He was subjected to my incessant questions and over eager attitude.  But he was so sweet. (thanks, Stephen)   And he did a nice job getting his customers served.  Those servers are hard workers.  It was so great seeing the behind the scenes action.  I actually had a blast! (It helps that Ninfas is my second favorite place to eat!)   Now I am aware of the work I am going to have to do to get this beast up and running!

Please be patient with us as we make the transition.  We have a delicious new brunch menu on the way for Saturdays and Sundays and we are in the process of hiring amazing servers to tackle our customers.  I mean – you know, in a good way!  Hope you guys are as excited about the change as I am.  I also hope you know now why my recipes have been few and far between lately.  :/  I promise to get back in the kitchen soon.  Meanwhile, cross your fingers for me and be sure to come check us out in the next month!


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