Belated Birthdays + Old Fashioned S’mores

I have been trying really hard to eat healthily.  I mean, it’s like I thought I needed to pack on weight for hibernation.  Except I didn’t hibernate…  I’ve done pretty well.  Especially with the warmer weather and the ability to get outside and grill.  Flavorful and juicy meats and smoky veggies cooked with little or no fat turn into a gourmet meal in minutes.  However, no girl can be good all the time…  Special occasions call for a splurge, don’t they?  So I went in search of a special occasion!  I ran into one pretty easily.  I didn’t even have to make it up (which I was prepared to do if necessary).  My friend Sara’s birthday!  A birthday is the specialist of special occasions.  And here was one.  Dropped right in my lap!  So what did I do?  I threw a dinner party.  I threw a couple of thick steaks on the grill along with some sliced zucchini and squash.  I twice baked some sweet potatoes with sour cream and cream cheese.  And then, oh then, I used that grill for something not so healthy… S’mores!

Yep – You heard me right.  The real deal s’mores, too.  No imitation or s’more-esque dessert.  I snapped apart those honey maid grahams and opened a bag of giant jet puffed marshmallows.  Then I unwrapped and broke a real Hershey’s milk chocolate bar into neat little rectangles, furiously ignoring the suggested serving size.  I hauled the treats outside to my grill.  It was no campfire, but it worked all the same.  In lieu of a clothes hanger, I used my aluminum skewers to spear the marshmallows.  On the top rack of my grill, I placed the bottom graham cracker which I had topped with the milk chocolate.  I then removed the grate on the main grill surface and roasted away!  Once my marshmallows were perfectly toasted and, well, blown out, I slid them off the skewers onto the now warm chocolate.  Topped it all with another cracker and pressed.  Heaven.  Really.

I can’t honestly tell you the last time I had a REAL s’more.  I mean, I faintly remember a bonfire and clothes hanger skewers, but I was probably 7 years old.  Let’s just say I get the craze!  I now understand the obsession with re-creating the s’mores experience.  Especially if it can be made a tad less messily.  J  It was a really fun, special occasion treat.  If you’re a s’mores lover, check out my s’mores bread pudding that’s hidden somewhere in the depths of this blog.  But don’t forget to find a special occasion worthy of a messy little bonfire!

Happy Birthday, Sara!


2 thoughts on “Belated Birthdays + Old Fashioned S’mores

  1. Congrats on doing pretty well :D. I’ve seen so many recipes for S’mores… I’ve never had one since they aren’t popular at all here in Britain – however, this is the first recipe I’ve ever seen for a proper S’mores – people usually seem to turn them into something else. Nice one.

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