Changing Seasons

I’m terrible at goodbyes. Whether it’s after dinner or a week of summer camp, I’m the person who always drags their feet, taking as long as humanly possible before I have to hug my friends, bid them goodnight and venture out on my own to whatever is next. In my mind, goodbyes are definitive, scary and downright unpleasant. It’s much easier on my heart to make a plan with my gracious host for a follow up meal next week, or to arrange for an ice cream date with my newly-made camp friends. It’s not really goodbye if you will see that person again in the near future. I can handle that.

In the spirit of faux-goodbyes, let’s make plans for the near future. You’ve listened so patiently as I’ve planned my wedding, applauded my meager entertaining ideas, and listened graciously as I’ve raved about new developments and adventures within the restaurant. I’ve loved sharing Leah’s recipes with y’all over the past year, and it’s been such a privilege to write with her. I will miss being constantly surprised by her fabulously creative recipes, photographing blog dinners and sharing s’mores with her over a good bottle of red. This position has been absolutely wonderful and I will miss everything about it, especially the lovely people.

But I am off to the next season of life! Graduation, marriage and an exciting move or two await me. I’d love to share those adventures, homemaking tips and ensuing recipes with y’all this summer. It’s not really goodbye if I pop up to share some tasty inspiration or helpful tidbits every now and then, right? That’s what I like to think, too.

So thank you, dear readers, for tolerating my frequent posts when you really just wanted to hear from Leah. Thank you for humoring all my gift baskets and pictures of cupcakes. Thank you for loving the restaurant and everyone here almost as much as I do.

I’m sure you’ll hear from me soon, and so I’ll look forward to that! Until then, I’ll be religiously reading with y’all every time Leah shares a new recipe or story from the Olive Branch.

Warm regards,



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