Basil Peach Salad

I love summer.  I mean, every time a new season starts I am so glad that it is starting.  In fact, I spend the first few days of every season (such as they are in Texas) celebrating that it is my favorite season of all.  But, really, it’s summer.  It’s always been summer.  I mean, the Fall is whimsical and refreshing.  It ushers in nostalgic feelings of holidays gone by.  Winter (especially in the South) is romantic.  The 2 days of snow, the warm and fuzzy sweaters, the chance of an unexpected day off of work due to icy roads… Spring is charming with its delicate little flowers, green smells and gentle sunshine.  But summer.  I love the feeling of stepping out of an artificially cold building into real sun.  Overly bright and instantly warming, it is reviving.  The longer days offer the promise of more time to do something between work and bed.  (Like cooking and eating!)  So… summer it is.  My official favorite season. 

To kick off the summer right, I asked friends what they wanted to see in a new recipe.  2 ingredients rose to the front of the list.  Peaches and basil!  Two perfect Texas summer ingredients!  And I have the perfect summer recipe for them.  My friend, Tisa, shared a fabulous dressing recipe with me.  (Y’all know I love fresh dressings)  Anyway, she served it to me one night on a peach/basil salad…


So here it is.  Take fresh lettuce greens, I always use spinach and something crunchy like romaine.  Tear fresh basil leaves and mix them in with your lettuces.  Top it with thinly sliced red onions, sliced fresh peaches and shaved parmesan.  Dress it all with this creamy lime vinaigrette.  You won’t regret it!  Make it an easy meal by adding rotisserie chicken and serving it with a crusty bread. 

I have served this salad several times and it is always refreshingly different.  Let me know how it turns out for you!  Happy start of summer!



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