Camp Gladiator!

It is finally August. Honestly, I kind of thought that July was never going to end! But here we are. And we have an exciting new partnership that is starting in August! We are teaming up with Camp Gladiator! It is a new type of boot camp! They offer a new type of workout program. They have group classes that meet all over town. The workouts are an hour long and are different every day. Every camp lasts 4 weeks. They take a week off to recover and then they start it all up again with new workouts! Once you’ve done the initial camp, they offer a great discount so that you can keep going!

The Olive Branch is partnering with them to offer discounts to group members on our meals. We will be giving away $5 gift cards to new members and we are rolling out nutrition info on many of our popular meals. Do you know that we have complete meals that are under 700 calories?

The “Lighter Limb” of The Olive Branch

(Under 700 calories)


Spinach Wrap –                                                                                                                                           506 calories – Fluffy eggs, fresh spinach and diced tomatoes, with feta cheese in a giant spinach tortilla

Southwest Wrap –                                                                                                                                        530 calories – Sautéed onions & bell peppers with diced tomatoes and pepper jack cheese in a spicy chipotle wrap

French Toast (with 2 syrups)                                                                                                                              579 calories – Sliced French bread in our homemade orange-vanilla cinnamon custard



Sub Fruit                                                                                                With chips

Ham and Cheese on whole wheat                                                    685 calories                                          529 calories

Turkey and Cheese on whole wheat                                                672 calories                                          516 calories

Roast Beef and Cheese on whole wheat                                         662 calories                                          506 calories

½ Roasted veggie on whole wheat with fruit                  627 calories

½ Santa Fe on whole wheat with fruit                                              670 calories


Large Garden Salad with house vinaigrette                                                181 calories

Large Caesar Salad with 2 homemade Caesar dressings                        442 calories

Large Orchard Salad with house citrus vinaigrette                                  689 calories                             519 calories w/o bacon

Large Southwest Salad with house vinaigrette and no chips               203 calories

Add grill chicken breast                                                      110 calories
Nutrition is important to us. I believe that it contributes directly to overall health and our ability to function well. We are very picky at The Olive Branch about how our food is prepared. We don’t fry anything. All of our soups and sauces are made from scratch. We choose our food suppliers carefully and use local produce and suppliers when possible.

I am excited to see this partnership grow. I am glad that Camp Gladiator has chosen Waco as a place to invest. We wish them much success as they start their new endeavor. Check them out at this website and get signed up! (254-716-4753) Their next camp starts August 6th! Just in time to get in gear for school starting up!


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