Frozen yogurt, or FroYo, has become quite a trend lately, especially in the Waco area! Not only is frozen yogurt delicious, it’s nutritious!

FroYo is a great source of calcium, which helps your body form strong bones; especially important for women.   It makes a nice treat for those who are lactose intolerant, and it is also filled with live & active bacteria cultures that help regulate your digestive tract.

Now, if you’re like me, hearing that you’re eating bacteria may freak you out a little bit…but not to worry! Your digestive tract is actually filled with live bacteria that is good for you!  It helps with your digestion and with making sure your body absorbs all of the vitamins and minerals you get from your food.  We lose a lot of this bacteria naturally throughout the day.  So it’s important to know that even when our diets are not so great, eating things like yogurt and FroYo replace the good bacteria. So in the long run you’re increasing your body’s immunity!

Other good things about FroYo is that it is a low sodium snack, which is good for those with heart conditions or people just watching their salt intake. It’s also low in cholesterol which is also a heart healthy choice, and some flavors are sugar free or fat free!

Although adding the candy and sugary treats on top isn’t the healthiest choice, all the FroYo places in Waco have DELICIOUS, fresh fruit and other toppings that can be added on for a super healthy treat, and some flavors are so good they don’t even need toppings!

So go get yourself a delicious, healthy snack, while supporting some great businesses in Waco!

— Jordan


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