Healthy Fruit Juice Options

Not sure if you’ve seen the commercials, but the makers of Silk have come out with an alternative to fruit juice (finally!). I’m in no way dissing fruit juice, I personally love it. It’s a great way to get a serving of fruit (depending on the type) and some vitamins and minerals that I just don’t get from food on a daily basis. And let’s be honest….it’s fruity, and tasty!! The only downside I have with fruit juice is that it is completely LOADED with sugar!!! So when I saw the new Silk commercials, I was really excited.


Now, I do have a slight disclaimer…I try to actually try anything I blog about, but this I haven’t tried. I’ve looked for it in a couple grocery stores but haven’t seem to find it yet. But I do use Silk for my milk and chocolate milk (yay lactose intolerance) and absolutely love them! And honestly I’d probably drink Silk even if I could have regular milk. They fortify it with more calcium and vitamins than regular milk, and frankly, it lasts a lot longer! So I’m assuming that the fruit drink is just as tasty! If it’s like Silk, I’m imagining it will be sort of like a smoothie-like drink as opposed to a juice. There are currently 3 flavors available: Mango Peach, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry Banana.

Now, the good thing about this drink is that it not only has less calories than other fruit drinks, but it also contains less carbs and less than HALF the amount of sugar!! What a difference!! It also has fiber, which a couple other fruit drinks I looked at did not, and it has Vitamins A, C, D, Iron, Calcium, and Folate in higher amounts than other drinks. Compared to other drinks, it has up to 5 times as much calcium…five times!! In this day and age when so many people are calcium and Vitamin D deficient, have a tasty way to raise those levels is a big deal!! And the sugar levels are significantly better!!

If you want more information on these products, or any other products Silk produces you can look on their website and it’s all listed…very user friendly!  –Jordan Walker


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