Blueberry Pancake Day!

As a Baylor Bear still having the privilege to live in Waco, I get to attend a lot of BU sports! (Sic ‘em) Right now, basketball has my attention! This is surprising for several reasons. 1. I have always hated basketball. I am completely uncoordinated, only 5’2”, and in 5th grade when we were learning the rules and basics, a wayward ball (that I was trying to shoot at the time) bounced off the backboard hitting me in the mouth, which was full of braces, causing a bloody, swollen lip. I’m definitely NOT into self-mutilation. 2. It’s NOISY! Between the bouncing ball, the whistle and the squeaky shoes, you can’t even visit with a friend between plays! 3. Due to the experience referenced in #1, I got to sit out of PE for the whole 6 weeks of the basketball unit. So I never learned the actual rules or any kind of strategy. It isn’t that fun to follow a noisy game that you don’t understand and brings back painful memories! LOL

All of that changed (well maybe not that 5th grade memory. As you can tell it’s still pretty fresh) 3 years ago when a friend shared his extra courtside BU basketball ticket with me. I was HOOKED! Being that close to the players and coaches made it impossible to zone out. I started to understand why people like this game so much! I had to ask my friend about every other play. He had to explain what every foul was. Bless his heart. I know he got frustrated with me. But I started catching the fever. I cheered for every 3 pointer sunk by Lace D., waited expectantly for every free throw by Anthony Jones (my favorite player at the time), and went wild with every Quincy Acy dunk. I was a goner. If the game wasn’t in Waco, I was watching it on TV! I became a crazy fan. Haha – one time at a BU football game I looked in front of me and Anthony Jones and Quincy Acy were walking in front of me (with a recruit, I think) I definitely ran up, yelling Anthony’s name (3 times) and when he finally turned around and looked down all I could say was “You’re my favorite!” That poor recruit. I hope he didn’t think all BU alums are crazy! LOL.

My new favorite player is Pierre Jackson. I was torn for awhile. He played for a year with Anthony Jones. But they definitely have different strengths. Pierre is a fireball. I like that about him! It is such fun watching him take off down the court! The fact that he is a pretty accurate shooter doesn’t hurt either! Plus – I found out that he likes pancakes! And The Olive Branch just happens to make some pretty amazing pancakes!

bb top

Monday is national blueberry pancakes day. We don’t normally offer blueberry pancakes, but I think we will make an exception on Monday.

bb 1

Our batter cooks up light and fluffy and has just a hint of orange zest. (A perfect accompaniment to blueberries!)

bb 2

We serve our extensive breakfast menu which includes large omelets, made to order French toast, breakfast wraps, and homemade breads along with our 4 flavors of pancakes. Maybe Pierre will come try them one day! I can’t promise not to blurt out “you’re my favorite!,” but I can promise to try!
Sic ‘em!



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