Superbowl Scampi!

It’s that time of year again! The Superbowl! I’m going to admit that I am not that invested in the superbowl this year. I have no connection to or affinity for either team. But I do like to watch football. And who doesn’t like to watch those crazy commercials?

This year I will be keeping it low key and watching with a couple of friends. I am actually off of kitchen duty! LOL – Jonathan will be making his uncle’s famous wings for all of us. (I’ll post the results of his kitchen debut after Sunday) I am going to be in charge of little snacks.

I came up with a really simple snacky appetizer that I think I will use. This appetizer is great for a casual get together (like a football game) or for a starter before a “fancy” meal. The ingredients are easy to keep on hand in the freezer and can be thrown together at the last minute!

This is a shrimp scampi “fondue.” I used those pre-made phyllo cups (found in the dessert section of the grocery store’s freezer), fully cooked tiny salad shrimp, and reduced fat feta! You can bake these from frozen and they only take 15-20 minutes!

cooked 2

I am including the recipe here for you to try. I have other superbowl friendly recipes on this blog too! Feel free to click around and find something new to try!


Shrimp Scampi “Fondue”



2 pkg frozen phyllo shells

1/3 pound fully cooked salad shrimp

6 oz feta (crumbled or block)

4 T butter

1 clove fresh garlic


  1.  Peel the clove of garlic and smash it flat on a cutting board.  Put it into a microwavable dish
  2. Set the phyllo shells out on a cookie sheet in one flat layer
  3. Fill each shell with a small cube of feta (or a few crumbles)
  4. Top the cheese with 2-3 tiny shrimp (as many as will fit without falling out)  shrimo 2
  5. Add the butter to the garlic and microwave for 20-30 seconds or until the butter melts.  Brush the melted garlic butter over the tops of the filled phyllo shells
  6. Pop the cookie sheet in the oven for about 20 minutes.  The butter will help turn the tops golden brown and the cheese will soften (but it won’t look very melted)

shrimp cooked


You can sprinkle the top with chopped parsley if you’d like a little more color.  These are delicious warm and are even good room temp!  Yummy before a steak dinner!



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