Happy Birthday Shorty’s!

Today we’re celebrating Shorty’s Pizza Shack’s birthday! For two years, they’ve been Leah’s favorite local pizza place. It’s her go-to place to catch up with friends, enjoy a warm day on the patio, and watch the game while munching on their pizzas and fried pickles.

Shorty’s is such a fun place! In the past two years it has become the local hangout for everyone in town. On game days you’ll have a blast there, but we especially love Thursday nights! Cars are lined up down the street and people will park anywhere just to get in for Shorty’s specials. It’s the place to be! We recommend it to anyone in Waco or even if you’re just passing through!

Last year, Leah made a delicious cake for their one year anniversary and you can check it out here . You can find us there today as we help Shorty celebrate! Some of our favorite specials are going on all day! Happy Birthday Shorty’s!



One thought on “Happy Birthday Shorty’s!

  1. Hi all the way from Boston! Thanks so much for posting about us! Thanks for all the support over the last two years, too. By the way, the pink cake ball I got last time I was at Olive Branch was so delicious.

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