Feeling the Love

This week started off with a bang and we can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! While Baylor prepares for the first weekend of All-University SING, many are still running around trying to make dinner reservations, order flowers, and find that perfect gift for their Valentine. Here in the Cafe, Leah is busy making sure tomorrow’s special meal is going to be perfect.


Our four-course Valentine’s menu begins with a unique italian appetizer and a fresh spring salad that leads into our mouth-watering main course. Our guests will be able to choose from two options and top off their meal with some melt-in-your-mouth desserts. The cafe’s cozy atmosphere will allow all of our loving guests to relax and enjoy time spent together over great food!

But not to worry! If you don’t have a reservation, you can still walk in. We’ll have our special chef’s menu available to you. It’s an exciting day for us because Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate all of our wonderful customers and the love they have for us!

On top of this special holiday, we’re really feeling the love this week from a fellow blogger! We just stumbled upon Spoonful of Jemily and her blog about our cupcakes. Jemily and her husband Jay stopped by and enjoyed one of our Key Lime Pie cupcakes. Thank you Jemily for your kind words, we’re so glad you both enjoyed our bakery! Hopefully you can come back to Waco and visit us soon!



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