Top 10 Reasons Coach Drew Should come into the Olive Branch

We recently read an article from Fox Sports about one of our very own, Coach Scott Drew of the Men’s Basketball team at Baylor. As we read, we noticed Coach Drew was eating in a downtown Cafe where he takes all of his recruits– but it wasn’t us! Now, we’re determined to get one of our favorite BU coaches into the cafe to show him what a delicious menu we have to offer. Coach Drew, come support your local Baylor Alum and see the Top 10 reasons why you should:

  1. Leah’s first favorite Baylor basketball player was Aaron Bruce (because he ate our chicken pesto sandwich). We’ve been fans for a while!
  2. Other Baylor Coaches can’t get enough of our food. Just ask Coach Melton!
  3. All of our food is prepared and cooked fresh as the orders come in.
  4. We have so many different flavors of homemade cupcakes, cake balls, and cookies, you can try a new one every day!
  5. We are Best of Waco’s Soups and Salads since 2009– that’s hard to beat!
  6. You can try our pancakes in four different flavors! The batter cooks up light and fluffy, making the perfect bite.
  7. We’re Bears supporting Bears! One of the Baylor alum that owns and manages the Café witnessed the game in College Station that went into five overtimes & the Elite Eight game in Houston. We’ve been here through it all!
  8. Our delicious coffee blends are bottomless all day for only $2!
  9. Every Saturday morning we feature a different flavored French Toast. It’s soaked in our own special custard, cooked to perfection and topped with powdered sugar.
  10. Leah has shown her love for the Basketball team. She’s embarrassed herself by running up to Anthony Jones to tell him she was his biggest fan, and once wrote her blog about how she would make special pancakes for Pierre Jackson if he came in.

See Coach Drew, how can you resist us?

Below: some of our Baylor memorabilia that hangs in the Cafe. Sic ‘Em!

BU flag

Year of the Bear


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