Food Crazes and Crispy Chicken

Just like fashion, one day food trends are in and then next day they’re out. We’ve seen food trends come and go faster than we could cook them, but we’ve found a few that might be here to stay. Luckily they’re some of our favorite comfort foods and can be easy to make!


Grilled cheese will soon be replacing the once popular hamburger. Restaurants are designing menus around these traditional sandwiches and chefs are dedicating their time to creating new cheese and bread concoctions. Another simple favorite turned trendy is Mac & Cheese. Forget Kraft boxed noodles, homemade mac & cheese is the new way to indulge in this comfort food.People have started cooking the noodles with all types of cheeses and not just your typical orange powder. Goat cheese, parmesan, and five-cheese blends are just some of the new recipes hitting the food market. Bread crumbs, rosemary, and chicken are even added in these days! I’d say we’re on trend here at the Olive Branch with Leah’s homemade Mac & Cheese! We blend penne pasta with our special cheese sauce and bake it all under a layer of bread crumbs. It’s one of my favorite things on the menu!

Mac and Cheese

But, one of the biggest trends we’ve seen is Southern food. It’s the best established, most compelling food culture and it isn’t complete without A LOT of fried chicken! Forbes even has fried chicken as the #8 Best American Food Trend right now. Restaurants dedicated to this meal are popping up all over the country and festivals such as the Shake & Bake festival and the Food and Wine Classic in NYC have sections just for it! It isn’t just your traditional southern style fried either; now you can order it Taiwanese fried, unique Japanese style, or Korean double fried!

With all these trends popping up, Leah was determined to try one. Tonight, she’ll be cooking dinner for some of her closest friends where they’ll be able to indulge in chicken and waffles! This southern fried specialty is an interesting combo, but once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked. Stay tuned to see the results of her dinner and the recipe!


Have you been hearing about food trends or even making them yourself? We want to know! Tell us some of your favorite crazes going on right now!


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