Tennis Tuesday

Here at the Olive Branch, we love to support our Baylor Bears. However, through the years we’ve grown especially fond of the tennis teams. Men’s Director of Tennis, Matt Knoll, has been with us from the start, visiting the cafe several times a month since we first opened with his twin sons. Now, we’ve gained a whole tennis family as Leah and Jonathan visit with Women’s coaches, Joey Scrivano and Alison Ojeda, weekly over lunch. To say we’re fans of the Baylor Tennis teams is an understatement. Though they may not know all the rules, Leah’s group of friends has really dedicated themselves to learning the game and supporting the teams. They’ve even begun tailgating before matches and playing on the weekends! 


Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating Tennis Tuesday in honor of the Men & Women’s Tennis Team’s defeats this weekend. They’re hard work has payed off and earned both teams a Big 12 Title! To celebrate, we’ll have special tennis cupcakes but, if you come in wearing a BU tennis shirt you’ll receive one for free! 


Because our love for Baylor Tennis has become so strong, we hope to work closely with them in the upcoming year. Stay tuned to see what we have in store and we hope to see you out at the matches! This weekend we’ll be cheering them on from the cafe as both teams go on in the Big 12 Championship in Norman, Oklahoma. Sic ’em Bears! 


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