World Hunger Relief, Inc.


In Central-Texas we’re lucky to have fresh produce from the World Hunger Farm. This Christian organization works hard to teach people how to develop sustainable farming techniques, educates those with economic methods to conserve and share their produce, and participates in local and international hunger relief efforts. The farm acts as a classroom to those learning, but it thrives on sales to keep the farm functioning. We like to purchase products from World Hunger Farm to support a fellow local business, plus, it’s always fresh! One of their programs has greatly benefited the community in recent years. The Community Supported Agriculture Food Club allows people to pay a monthly rate for fresh produce in the Spring and Fall. The program allows families to take ownership, but also gives them flexibility if they cannot make the full payment up front. Fresh vegetables and herbs are collected daily by the members, and not only is the program helping them, but it allows them to donate 10% of their produce to the Caritas Food Bank. To learn more visit their website at

It’s such a wonderful organization filled with people sharing God’s love and delicious food! We’re excited to buy produce from them and incorporate it into our recipes! Stay tuned for recipes made fresh with food from World Hunger Farm!


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