Places We Love: George’s

I tried to put this off as long as I could but any discussion regarding our favorite places in Waco couldn’t avoid George’s for long.  Aside from being a classic Waco institution honored in song by Pat Green, George’s is a fantastic place to hang out with your friends, or make some brand new ones.

The menu contains a wide array of options and everyone from our crew has a different favorite.  Thus far, I haven’t managed to find anything less than satisfying.

My mother, something of a chicken fried steak enthusiast (which is surprising considering her slight frame) insists on eating at George’s whenever she visits.  My sister – the vegetarian – was a little less excited until she turned 21 and found joy in a “Big O” of Dos Equis with all the dressings (Leah’s favorite too).

Aaron – my roommate, sometimes coworker, and general Olive Branch cohort – loves the Crazy Wings so much that he makes his own for Baylor tailgates.  Who could resist pieces of chicken breast stuffed with jalapenos and cheese and then wrapped in bacon?  Anna prefers them as Bear Bites, which are simply half a Crazy Wing stuffed inside a dinner roll.

Danny lives in Hewitt and loves their second location out there.  With the outdoor deck, it’s a fantastic place to hang out on a summer night.  And when it was Jonathan’s turn to cook for family dinner… well he took us to George’s and paid for everyone’s appetizers.  No one complained that he had cheated because we were too happy to be at George’s Bar and Restaurant with all our friends.

Whenever we want to get together for dinner or just to have a beer, George’s always get mentioned at least once – and usually more than that.

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