NATIONAL STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE DAY – Also known as my dad’s birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!

We aren’t typically big birthday “celebrators” in my family. However, I noticed that, along with my esteemed Father’s birthday, it was also National Strawberry rhubarb pie day (shared with Donald Duck Day, of course) so it seemed fitting to write a birthday post, because that is my dad’s favorite pie.

Well, second favorite pie. His first favorite will always be the lemon pie I made him one year for his birthday. From scratch. I think I was 12. I was so proud of myself. Pretty sure it was a culinary masterpiece. Until I realized that the lemon part of the pie was only about 1/2″ thick… Yep – forgot to add water when the recipe called for it. :0 Talk about a super sweet, tart, sticky, glue-y mess. My dad ate his whole piece and swore it was the best he’d ever had. So I am holding him to it!

Anyway that, combined with the pumpkin pie I made (and sold) to friends for their Thanksgiving meal without any sugar at all, have ended my pie making career. My meringue weeps, my custard never sets and my fruit pies always explode. However, my mom and sister can both make a good pie. I am guessing it is because they love pie. (I don’t. I am firmly a cake girl. The more frosting the better!)

Mom made dad a strawberry rhubarb pie once. I had never been introduced to rhubarb until that moment. My dad LOVES it. Turns out, so does my sister. I liked the sugary, sweet-tart pie filling 🙂 Dad pointed out that this was one of his favorite treats. Now, every time I hear of such a pie, or rhubarb in any recipe, I think of dad.

rhubarb pie 1

My dad deserves to be celebrated for so many things: He is a Vietnam Vet, a faithful husband of 44 years, an excellent provider, a Godly man that prays with, and for, his family, and a fun and loving dad. My sister and I are BLESSED with both of our parents. And, because I love him, I won’t be making him a pie today. I’ll just meet him at our favorite BBQ joint instead 🙂

I am leaving you guys a link to a strawberry rhubarb pie recipe from a couple of sources that I trust. To be fair, I have not tested them for myself. If you are a pie maker you should try it out! It is a uniquely delicious pie. And if you make one, could you send it to my dad for me? He loves it!




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